Liquid fluorine tighter crop

Liquid Fluorine at very low temperatures. Credit to B. G. Mueller

Fluorine is a pale yellow halogen (group 17) gas that reacts with almost all other elements. Fluorine smells bad and is also lethal. It has an atomic number of 9 and the symbol F. There is very little fluorine in the Earth's atmosphere. Fluorine has only one stable isotope and it has 9 protons and electrons and 10 neutrons.

Phase at room temperature Gas
Melting Point -219.67 °C
Boiling Point -188.11 °C
Density 0.001696 g/cm3
Abundance 585 mg/kg
Elemental number/Number of protons and electrons 9
Mass Number 19
Covalent Radius 64 pm[1]
Isotopes 18. Only 1 is stable
Electron Configuration [He] 2s2 2p5


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